Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet my contractors.

Who suggested to me today that it might just be easier to buy a new house.

They are really amazing and burning through the job. They may even be done a month or 2 sooner than expected. Hard working, and really thorough. They even set up a small altar in my basement with incense and an orange as an offering. Anyone who wants their info, just comment--I will be happy to pass along their name.


  1. Hi Alexandra, i have just seen your beautiful house profiled on Design Sponge, congratulations! i would love to know the names of your contractors as my husband and i are in the preliminary stages of a renovation. Also, did they design the beautiful cupboard (glass front) in the kitchen, or was that a find? nina

  2. Hi Nina!
    Oh my goodness...well, keep reading the blog and you will NOT want to know who my contractors were, haha!!! They were the worst!! We've spent the last year undo-ing most of what they did. However, my friend around the corner was reno'ing at the same time and used BullFrog here in NY and really thought they were great....which is kind of unusual.
    The cabinet is from an unlikely shop called Find Home Furnishing over by the Gowanus in Brooklyn...I painted the hell out of it.
    Good luck with your place!!

  3. I'll keep reading then! thanks for the rec. still, you have a beautiful final product!