Sunday, December 19, 2010

And we're off...

Happy holidays everyone.
We're away until the new year, and I love to say that I'll have something really exciting to share when we get back...but somehow, I doubt it.
I suppose it might be better that way. We all know the potential of what might happen when we're not around.
Enjoy! And lets look forward to a fresh new year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

There has to be an end to this, right?

If anyone is wondering what's been happening with the house these days....well,...nothing.
It is truly excruciating.
The molding for the exterior windows was supposed to come this week to kick off the siding going up, but no one will tell me if it's arrived, and the siding guy won't return my calls as to when he plans on starting.
The roofer who is supposed to return to finish the masonry is missing altogether and the contractors suspect that he is "out of the country".
We had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning with the floor guys and the GC to talk about correcting the puddle stains, and the areas where the sealer is missing. The floor guys showed up an hour and 1/2 late...and the GC showed up....never. Have I mentioned that the GC's work phone has been cancelled so there is no way to reach him? And that the floor-guys don't speak English--at all....
We ended up asking them to leave. And then waving "bye-bye" at them....and then holding the door open trying to motion them out. Lots of confusion.
And did I also mention that my contact at the office has either been out sick since Tuesday...or is just hiding somewhere not returning calls or emails?
Tell me. What's a girl to do?


On our drive up to Massachusetts for a job Todd found me a beautiful wood stove for sale on Craigslist, that just happened to be only about 3 miles off of our route in CT. It's only a year old, and very efficient...and everyone knows I like to be as warm as possible at all times. It'll be living here in the studio on a dolly for the time being, but is destined for the front room of the garden -level.