Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Giant Pantry

Ahhh. More storage than I've ever needed. It'll get pushed back and painted to look like a built-in. I can't believe they actually got it through the door. It was in pieces,..but still.

Crazy solid oak.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


For the backdoors. Small enough holes to keep some cats in, and other cats out...

I wanted so badly to get salvaged old ones, but the sizing is just impossible...and with Spring coming we didn't want to wait.
It's all about the cross breeze.

Last Weekend's Outing

to Bait and Tackle.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camping out

We're temporarily living on the top floor with the office/studio until the rest of the house is done. I miss all my stuff from my apartment but I'm not exactly roughing it...

(and don't be fooled--the opposite walls that you can't see are stacked with boxes)

Just like new.

This weekend just before I moved in I decided to have the upstairs tub reglazed back to it's un-mauled, pre-contractor beauty.
Clean. Good.

Where's Banjo?

I had a bit of a scare today when Franklin went missing...only to find out he was hiding up the chimney.
So when I couldn't find Banjo tonight even after sticking my head in the fireplaces I didn't even suspect this harmless jumble of pillows

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We survived the first day!

We've slowly been moving my office to the top floor and now I'll temporarily be camping out up there until the lower floors are done.
Yesterday we moved my mattress and the cats.
Yeahhhh...the cats. I must admit I was very nervous--they just don't travel well. Banjo spent the entire day wedged in a corner of my equipment closet, but I woke up to find him wedged beneath my pillow....
Franklin is taking it better than I expected. He has claimed the entire house as his own, and is generally annoyed by any doors that are closed. As usual he slept under the covers, totally exhausted...
Ah...and after direct sun deprivation for 10 years....