Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stairs good and bad

(Day 50)
Two workers (hardly the giant team I was promised, but I guess it's better than nothing) have been working away on the stairs for the last couple of days.
Spindles look good....
Elbow at the top looks good...
But what the heck is THIS?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stair Parts

Here is the new newel post sent up from TN and the start of the banister on the parlor floor.And the original Parlor parts recycled, and now moved to the basement level. It'll all look better when everything is painted to match.
And the new schmancy living room light on the parlor floor.


I wandered out into the backyard today and took a double-take when I saw THIS just on the other side of our fence.Hairless, and strange.
He either came from the house behind us...or the mother ship.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bridge to Red Hook

Todd took this photo of me when we rode over the Manhattan Bridge this afternoon...

Industrial Shades Galore.

With a crew of one, a little electric work got done today... Can you tell I love enamel shades?
There are 2 of these over the kitchen counters of the tenant floor:
And 2 in the parlor kitchen:
The spare bedroom/workroom (where everything needs to be as close to the ceiling as possible or even I would hit my head):
And the basement hall (same height rules apply):
I managed to get a shot of the electrician. Unfortunately it's too far away to really show his glorious helmet of hair...and one of the rare instances he isn't dangling a cigarette from his mouth.
I would just like to point out that we realized that when we turn the kitchen switch on, only 2 of 3 lights go on...when we turn the living room light on the 3rd light in the kitchen goes on....and many more confusing combinations which they insist they did on purpose for my convenience. How thoughtful. Some times I feel as if I'm going completely mad.

Hello, and Welcome...

To Day 44.
The stair parts arrived, and look fantastic. Shipped up from TN and another shout-out to Steve (Welcome to Historic Flooring) who tried his darnedest to match the original banister and newel posts that I was so sad to lose. We are told that starting on Tuesday there will a full crew there to bang out the interior of the house. They also tell us they think it will take a week. Start placing your bets now, please.
I'll tell you about the lawyer some other time...especially if we end up needing to call in the big guns.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If anyone's wondering...

...what happened to my posting photos of work being done....well,...there isn't any work being done. I could post photos of the leak in the boiler room and all the copper pipes turned green, or the water easing in below the kitchen door every time it rains...but I'm just too tired. For whatever reason they've completely ceased to show up.
I hate to say it, but Friday: Lawyer.
Stay tuned....
(Day 33)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Todd Meets the Squatter

(Day 30)

So today while Todd was sitting out on the stoop the squatter appeared. You know--the squatter. Tall, built like an ex-marine, pretty face, varied personalities, and a possible switch-hitter. The one who ran up a 15K electric bill over the 2 or 3 years that she lived there illegally.
She approached the property, crossed the fence line and placed her palm in the hand-print she had left long ago in the cement below the front steps.
Then she asked if there was any mail for her and proceeded to rifle through the box.

Note to self: Get a gate.
And a mail-slot in the front door.

The Revelations Just Keep On Coming...

This week the General Contractor in charge of my house admitted to us that:
1: He has no previous experience with contracting and used to be employed by a cable company (until he got fired).
2: Even with his limited knowledge he could do a better job fixing my roof than the hired sub-contractor. All he needs is a buddy and a six-pack.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Siding: Take Two

It's wrong. Again.
What's a girl to do?
(PS it's Day 29)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Small Steps

(Day 22)
I arrived at noon to find the backyard steps finished--How unexpected!
I asked for custom railings (I saw the style on some old tenement fire-escapes)...and I was nervous that maybe it wouldn't work at all--but I'm really happy with the result. (wait a sec. --did I just say I was "happy"???)

AND! They installed a fixed ladder for the roof (for scaredy cats like myself who can't seem to climb a normal ladder without freaking out)

The National Grid Part 2, and a poll...

Hooray!-I managed to get a new appointment to have the meters put in and as soon as alternate side parking was over, I covered the gas-access plate in the street with my own car for safety. After 3 and 1/2 hours of waiting a fairly old, VERY Russian, service person shows up. At first I was entertained by his varied muttering, singing (in Russian ), and shouting, but then...It got weird.
It started with his insistence of standing within 2 inches of me at all times.
Then we discovered that my old stove, after the royal beating the contractors gave it, is having trouble lighting...but I didn't really need him to refer to it as a "piece of sh*t" that "maybe" came out of a museum.
And then (at the very end) when my non-english speaking plumber tried to ask him (in an admittedly confused way), if he should turn everything back off....He shouts (insert crazy Russian accent here): "Now is your problem! F*ck you!"
Hmmm. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the only one who has cause to curse out my contractors (and although it sometimes takes quite a bit of control-- I don't).
My question to you is: Report him, or let it go?
Quite unprofessional if you ask me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twenty-Ones Days....

and counting. Past the date we were supposed to be done, that is.
Today I waited from 8AM until 1 PM for the National Grid to come and install gas meters.
Of course the guy doesn't show until 12:45...only to find that the gas is currently off, and the plate to access the line is located in the street...under a parked car. One of my (ridiculously nice) neighbors calls a friend of another friend only to find that the owner of the car is away on a cruise.
But supposing someone will move it tomorrow for alternate side parking I called to make another appointment, which they now refuse to do saying I never should have been allowed the appointment I already had as there is a record of "theft of service". You would think that it might be attributed to the squatter who never paid her bills, but no! Apparently my contractor finagled the gas for an inspection and got caught...and now they want to open a case against them.
Today was supposed to be easy. Stand and watch someone attach a meter. What the hell happened???