Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twenty-Ones Days....

and counting. Past the date we were supposed to be done, that is.
Today I waited from 8AM until 1 PM for the National Grid to come and install gas meters.
Of course the guy doesn't show until 12:45...only to find that the gas is currently off, and the plate to access the line is located in the street...under a parked car. One of my (ridiculously nice) neighbors calls a friend of another friend only to find that the owner of the car is away on a cruise.
But supposing someone will move it tomorrow for alternate side parking I called to make another appointment, which they now refuse to do saying I never should have been allowed the appointment I already had as there is a record of "theft of service". You would think that it might be attributed to the squatter who never paid her bills, but no! Apparently my contractor finagled the gas for an inspection and got caught...and now they want to open a case against them.
Today was supposed to be easy. Stand and watch someone attach a meter. What the hell happened???

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