Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sitting Room

The small room off of the bedroom is still being finished up....but very close to being done. I finally moved some things around and got a mattress for the daybed. The idea was to put the TV in the closet, but I was just told by the cable company that the wires in the wall are all rotted out from the storm...and somehow it never occurred to me to have them re-run when the walls were open. Oh well...too late now....

Johnny's Amazing Wood-work

For my birthday last year my step father MADE me (yes, hand carved...AND it works) a tea-pot clock...with a swinging wooden spoon pendulum. It's only just in the past few weeks that it got hung on the wall of my office...and a constant reminder that it's time to make more tea.

Monday, August 11, 2014

From Kitchen To Bath

This used to be my spice cabinet in my old relocated to the bath for soaps and salts

A Mere 6 Months Later...

work continues on the small space off the bedroom...on it's way to becoming a sitting area.

Curtains are up, and the storage locker is officially emptied. 
I was surprised to find that these were the only books to have survived the storm.