Saturday, March 24, 2012

The digging madness continues...

You may recall my thoughts about obsessive people and digging tools...and here is further proof. Thursday I spent the greater part of the day digging my heart out (still not done!!), covered in filth...but ahhh, it was worth it!
I was amazed to find some bottles intact. The one on the far left says "The Pride of Long Island" which was apparently a ketchup (catsup?) made in Brooklyn. The middle one says Columbia Bottling Brooklyn, NY 86-88 Harrison St (which I think is now Keap St)...but other than that I can't really find any info on it --or what would have been in it. The small square one was made by W T Co--a popular manufacturer of bottles (especially for medicine) from 1806 to 1938 in New Jersey.
And here's how Todd found me 8 hours later...and told me it was time to come back inside.

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