Monday, March 19, 2012

And got interesting....

Just when I thought I couldn't bear to dig up any more bricks and rotted clothing in the backyard...
A couple of bottles: The front one says Chesebrough Mfg Vaseline, according to their company's info, any vaseline jars without screw top are 1907 and earlier.
Marbles...including one big clay one
Lots of pottery shards
My favorites...transferware:
And lots of broken bottle pieces, I kept the ones with interesting text
Now that I found what I think might be the old "household-garbage" area, I'm tempted to put off turning over the dirt in the rest of the yard and just dig as much as I can in this one 4'x4' space. Crazy? Maybe.
Obsessive people should not be allowed to have shovels.

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