Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can Someone Please Give My Contractors A Kick In The Ass?

Does anyone know what day it is?--because really...I've lost count. I closed on this house on February 12th last year, and work started in March.
I realized the other day that the siding and poorly-cut counters have been sitting untouched since November 12th...and since then the contractors have been at the house... one whole day.
Yesterday I actually saw black when they told me that their siding guy didn't want to work in anything less than 50 degree weather. This is a perfect week...and totally wasted. If they want 50 degrees we'll have to wait until April. I can't help but think that he's being a giant baby. I suggested to them that they might need to hire someone else.
I've had to apply for my third loan extension, and the bank...well, they're not happy.
The bank planner came out today and tried to persuade them that it would be best if they could finish in the next 30 days...but to be honest...I don't think it matters. They'll do it or not do it...as they please.

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