Friday, January 28, 2011

Are You Sitting Down?

....because today, it's a doozy.
We got to the house today to find that a hot water pipe had burst during the week...which I guess isn't that surprising considering it wasn't insulated, and there's STILL no siding on the building. What IS surprising is that the contractors knew about it but neglected to tell us.
The floors on the entire parlor level are all warped and destroyed. They insist they need to let them dry out for twenty one days (?) and see if they can be sanded down. Instead of wasting our time-- I can tell you right now, they all need to be replaced.

The basement ceiling is bubbling and the wall is damaged, with much of the molding popping off. They patched and painted during the week, and where the baseboard bows--filled it in with globs of caulk. The big question is...did they think we wouldn't notice?
The double back doors are warped, don't open and shut correctly, and the molding is ...well, having issues...
And what the hell is all this paint doing on my marble mantle?

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