Saturday, November 27, 2010

Name that Donut

Another contest here at "the Little House That Could", since Lucy won the "Name That Animal" being the only one who ventured a guess...(Possum??Really? C'mon...)
Help me out here people!
There is a big patch of cement in the middle of the backyard that's been on my mind. After 5 hours of random, useless, digging for no reason we decided to concentrate on the area revealing a giant...donut. We haven't been able to get leverage on it to get it up yet...but we're working on it.

Cap to a well, outhouse, or cistern? Base for some sort of post? Entrance to another dimension? Why the hole in the center?
I can just get my hand into it's middle, and from the chunks of dirt I pulled out a lovely little shard of transfer-ware china.


  1. Oh sure, make fun of the ONLY entry in the game!!! :-)

    I'm not touching this one. I have no freaking clue. But I will say, your backyard would probably be a great playground for a budding archeologist!!!!

  2. Put yer gloves on Lucy and get over here!!

  3. I know I'm a few years too late with this but it may have been part of an out house at one point, people threw all kinds of stuff in them, like we would in the trash can, if you're getting pieces of china I would say that's what your donut was.

  4. You know, that's what I thought too. We eventually broke it up with a sledge hammer, and I did dig underneath, but the digging was no more fruitful than anywhere else in the yard. I was trying to figure out if the original house would have had a much research left to do!!!
    Thank you, though...all info/suggestions about these things are much appreciated.