Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today was a day of many tasks.
First we met with the siding guy to discuss how the siding gets put up (with the help of the Hardi-Plank manual we printed out for him), chose molding for the windows, and got the general idea it won't be started until after Thanksgiving.

Then we met with the counter guys...apparently no one wants to take responsibility for having cut them...but at any rate it looks like it will be re-cut smoothly, and with all ends matching. Imagine?

And THEN we went to LIC to a great stone shop called Emtek to have some bluestone cut down for window sills. I like the dramatic fall sky...
Here is one piece which will replace the concrete that was put in--which has already cracked in half.
And here is a product they sell for coloring cement--not that we have any use for it, but I'd love to buy some just for the packaging.
We are dangerously close to Day 100, folks.
And I think the only prize I'll be winning is a big fat ulcer.

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  1. Oohhh!!! Love the bluestone! And yay for fixed counters! :-)