Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Roof Saga Continues.

We've been complaining about the shoddy hobo-style roof job for weeks now, and it's been promised (many times) that it will be taken care of...but of course it wasn't soon enough. We had a heavy rain this morning, and guess leaked. All the way down, 3 stories. Ceiling is bubbling, sheetrock is damp...and tile in the basement bath is coming off.

I know I do more than my share of complaining on this blog...but come on. This is just a nightmare. Now we're worried that the windows will warp, some of the new floor is water stained...I'm just at point where my head might explode.

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  1. arg. we have a leaky roof too, but at least they haven't started yet... Geez... what is going on over there?