Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a little bit of molding.

Cheers up the sheet rock, donthcha think?


  1. love that it pine or oak? or something else. Do you have a source? style #?

    We are renovating a 1930's cape and I am at the door/trim step now.

    1. This was just for interior so it was probably pine. I'm pretty sure the contractor got it at Dykes Lumber here in sorry!--I don't have a style #, but they have a catalog online that might help.
      Good luck with the reno!

  2. Ahh great...we have a Dyke's nearby.
    I found your blog through design sponge and am enjoying it very much. I went back to the beginning and I am still reading through 2010. It's like a good novel! I am pretending I didn't see the lovely pictures of the final results so I can enjoy them all over again when I get to 2012.

    Do you have a resource for the new doors? How about the salvage doors? We were in Maine this summer and found a great possibility for a front entry door at a salvage place but it was about $1000. I think we can do better, no?

  3. Ah! Funny! I didn't know the D*S post was up yet! If you're reading the blog from the beginning, I apologize in advance for all the whining.
    The new doors are from LeMieux ( selection especially if you want older styles,...and if my contractors bought them they couldn't have been too pricy.
    The old doors are from which is in New Bedford Mass. A great place for all sorts of things especially those hard to find bits and pieces (strike plates, those little rings that go around the knobs, etc). We got our front door there, old but solid, for all of 300 bucks.

  4. I don't mind the whining at all.....especially because I have done my fair share. We have been in our 1930's cape and renovating it since the end of 2010 after months of delays closing on our old house and this new one. I thought I would have 4 months of renovation time to get the house ready before my son and his exchange student arrived from Germany but noooooo - that was not going to happen. We had to do the floors and bathroom while camping out in a friend's apartment through the holidays. When we finally moved in we found out that the previous owner's did not tell us that the basement (where we had all of our unpacked books and artwork stored) was not water tight. Do you remember how rainy 2011 was? Have you ever seen a cat litter box turn into a boat? The firemen who came to pump us out just shook their heads and told us that they had been here numerous times over the years. (We now have a french drain and a sump pump).

    We have had similar issues with contractors as you and many stressful moments. Despite it all I am glad we are doing it. I love my little quirky house and I love making it my own -much better than the 1970's high ranch we previously lived in where despite all the love I gave it, never revealed a soul.
    Thanks for the resources and the great read! Best wishes!!!!

  5. Oh No!! It just seems like so many people have such awful reno stories!! I'm so sorry!
    Well, thanks for even reading the blog, --and I'm happy to help out with any recommendations, if you need them...Good luck!!!