Monday, June 14, 2010

I never thought I could dislike a donut.

If you say that this photo is not blog-worthy I will not disagree, but somehow this ant infested donut (damn the iphone--the ants hardly show up!--you'll have to trust me) that has appeared in the backyard (among other discarded lunch items) has begun to symbolize the respect that the my contractors have for this job.
Other things found today, not as pretty in photos:
Cats have been peeing in the house--in earnest.
Two birds nest thrown off the roof--birds still in them.
My 1840s claw foot tub is being used as a work station and getting increasingly damaged.
And the contractors are using the waste pipe in the garden level as a toilet. Still.


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  1. What a relief it will be when they aren't in your house anymore. Have the new stairs come yet? I saw someone working there yesterday... the windows were open upstairs...