Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Little Bit of History

According to the Brooklyn Eagle Archives from 1841-1902 here are some people who lived at 25 Wolcott:

1885 Ella and John Munn (Ella died that year at 43 yrs old)
1887 James Flannigan
1890 John Bicken who "had the toes of his right foot crushed in the Erie Basin Iron Works" that year.
1894 Nelson Stillwell, 1901 William Stillwell with his parents Jacques and Harriet(see articles below!)

and then:

Now, my house was supposedly built circa 1890's, so either the records don't go as far back as they should, or there was another house on the same lot where some of these people lived. I get the feeling my building is a little older than they estimate, but more research will follow! And if I see a ghost with a limp I will know to call him "John".

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