Monday, May 31, 2010

The first find.

Doing more "nothing" involved serious weeding--those beautiful wild violets gave way to giant weeds with thick trunks pretty much obscuring the back of the yard. I thought if it was bare it might discourage the workmen from throwing their lunch garbage back there and help with "the smell". During the raking I found a couple of little things...a button, an old shard of plate...and there's lots of coal chunks. I know the house used to be coal heated but I didn't expect to find any on the surface after all of these years. I know it ain't much, but just wait until the real dig begins! I also found lots of tiny plastic baggies,...a few pairs of socks,...
There's something a little gross about picking up garbage that did not belong to you--that even the wearing of thick gloves doesn't really relieve.

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  1. we found many interesting things in our backyard... I know what you mean about other people's garbage... not fun.