Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In other backyard news...

The batisia bushes returned from last year, and I added some havana blue geraniums in the front.

New honeysuckle...no smell yet, but I'm in love with the color.

Lupine, also from last year and weirdly happy.

New addition of oak leaf hydrangea in the shady corner (where the magnolia lived and died).

 New Philadelphus Mock Orange, also no smell yet, but I have faith.

The beginning of another climbing rose (hoping it will climb the stair railing to the house...one day)

A new snowball bush...

And wisteria from last year that I was sure was dead--somehow now better than ever before.
Stay tuned for what I hope will be rapid growth.


  1. Oh it all looks so beautiful...I'm so happy that things are blooming. The lupine - love. I hate to say it but it grows wild here on the side of the interstate. Going nuts right now.

  2. You're killing me. Wild hydrangea, wild lupine...what kind of world are you living in?????