Saturday, May 11, 2013

Backyard...Take Two.

 First: Tear up everything dead, toss it all into a trash bag (no remorse!!) and raise up the blue-stone path a few inches.

Second: Dig out now non-organic organic vegetable soil and redistribute.
(didn't I swear I wasn't ever going to do this again???)

Next: Plant new things and hope for the best.
Hydrangea donated by my friend Joyce....

Lupine all the way from PA that actually came back from last year, don't ask me why...

Yarrow and Peonies that also reappeared with a new Camillia, Jasmine, Havana Blue Geraniums,and Rhodedendron in the background

And here's Todd trying to intimidate a Raccoon from coming in under the fence and eating my Lily bulbs.

It's funny, I've done so much work and planted so many things...and it hardly looks like anything.


  1. I think it looks beautiful!!!!! Once it all starts to bloom it's going to look gorgeous.

  2. ahhhh...always the optimist. :)