Sunday, January 20, 2013

What a difference a day makes...



Back to Red Hook.
The wood floor has arrived from TN...too bad there's no subfloor to put it on yet.
Storing materials in the Parlor Hall is getting me down.


  1. Thursday was beautiful!
    Sigh. But back to reality. Fingers crossed for subfloor soon!!!!

  2. I hope it is out of your parlor hall soon and this is just a (terrible) memory. Do you need any help? I found your blog a few weeks back and read through the archives-- it's such an inspiration to me and my husband as we contemplate doing our own restoration of a frame house. I feel so sad you've had such a major setback. Anyway, hope it is not creepy to offer, but if you do need help cleaning or sanding or whatever, my email is I'm not a carpenter or anything, just a fan with a surfeit of free time these days.

  3. Creepy?? No! Just incredibly sweet!! Thank you so much for the offer to help!--although I wouldn't wish this work on anyone. But really, just reading your comment totally made my day. Thank you again!! And if you end up doing a restoration (misery loves company, haha) and need recommendations or anything else, just let me know!