Sunday, August 7, 2011

Narrowing it down.

So here is the 1869 Atlas, and I'm not on it. Sort of.
I'm the 14th lot on the block. There are 12 small lots in from Richards St, and then one big lot with apparently something on it which would have been where my neighbor's house and my house are. I wonder what was there.... (Hmmm I just had a thought. Maybe my neighbor's house-lot #13 was there and the place where my house is was just land belonging to them--that would explain the side door that we found in the basement leading from his house toward ours...a door to the yard?)
But anyway, that leads me to believe that this house was built sometime between 1869 and I just have to go through the deeds at the historical society. I'm waiting for a rainy winter day...

The blog that has the links to these maps is called and she has quite a lot of good tips for research if anyone is interested....

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