Monday, February 7, 2011

House Update: The Short Version

After this latest and most major leak we finally got a meeting with the contractor boss out at the house--ten days after the fact.
He did a very good job of feigning ignorance about the whole thing, there was lots of yelling at his employees, lots of shaking of his head back and forth...and although on some level it was satisfying to hear the GC get reamed, I have to say I don't completely buy it.
The outcome is that I have a new contact assigned to my job, a total battle-axe, but at least she has a lot more experience than the last gal and seems like she can actually get things done. Meanwhile the GC once again showed his utter confusion, and general lack of knowledge about anything even slightly construction-related.
It appears that they will indeed take responsibility for the damage done, but really, how could they not. For god sakes, there's no siding on the building! There were a lot of promises made as to the work to be done, let's just hope it's for real.

Today Todd and I prepped the top floor to be painted this that I can cram my home and work up there until the rest is done.
Meanwhile, ... here is a photo of the kitchen floor which warps just a little bit more every day...

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  1. OMG, that photo is just....I just don't have the words. But I'm glad to hear at least some changes are being made, and hopefully for the better. Fingers crossed!!!!